Businesses See The Benefit Of Orthoptera Protein

Learn how to master nutrition quality, taste and stability
In the last few years, the global Orthoptera-based proteins market has seen a significant spike. This includes everything from animal feed to pharmaceuticals to food & beverage.

The most recent EU approval authorizes Orthoptera protein as a source for protein for human consumption. There is a growing interest among consumers in edible insects. This is seen by the influx of new insect foods into the food and beverage market.

Orthoptera is high in protein and requires very little space to grow. However, processing Orthoptera into nutritious foods or beverages can be difficult. It takes a lot of research to find the best formulations and technology.

What is the deal with Orthoptera-based proteins?
It is not a new thing to eat insects. There are around 2,000 insect species that are eaten worldwide. Scientists continue to record new edible insect groups. However, many consumers find insects in their raw form to be unappealing. So, many food companies are trying to transform edible insects into unrecognizable forms that can be used as protein supplements in familiar foods.

Food tech startups and established players are increasingly using insect-based refined powders to enhance foods such as power bars and crisps. It takes a lot of research to master the taste, mouthfeel, and nutritional value of these insect-based powders.

A bug is in the system – How to choose the right insect for your base
A variety of insects can be used to make Orthoptera proteins. It is important to choose the right species for the final product. The type of insect that is used in liquid applications can have an impact on the mouthfeel and purity of powder. We’ve learned from previous experiments that certain cricket powder has a strong taste and a bad mouthfeel in liquid applications.

It’s not just about choosing the right insect base. Food manufacturers must also find the best heat treatment, mixing technology, and dosage to produce a tasty and nutritious end-product.

How to keep high quality
It’s also important to ensure that the powder made from insect-based materials is of high quality and purity for further processing. For example, the drying and milling processes are crucial for high quality protein processing. Over-drying insects can lead to the growth of bacteria and molds, while under-drying them can result in a reduction in the nutritional value of the protein powder.

For the perfect mouthfeel, the milling method used to grind the dried material is critical. For soluble products such as plant-based milk and shakes, the protein required for their final mouthfeel requires a finer milling process than that used to make bread or pancakes with insect flour.

The recipe for success – Finding your perfect formula
It can take many rounds of testing to find the right dosage and formulation. While maintaining the nutritional value of the product is important, it is also important to consider the mouthfeel and stability. Orthoptera Protein and Up Proteins are dedicated to finding the right purity of ingredients and quality of processing, to ensure you can enjoy healthy and great tasting products.


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