Insects such as the ones found in Orthoptera Protein have been a staple in diets all over the world from Mexico to Brazil, Ghana to Thailand, China to the Netherlands and now with the United States starting to open up to the idea, the USA will hopefully see benefits like the rest of the world,

In places that consume insects as part of their meals, studies have shown populations have Less Starvation, Malnutrition and Illness.

Edible insects such as those found in Orthoptera Protein are packed with nutrients and present a potential solution to many world issues including world hunger and environmental challenges.

Insects hold great value in battling rising levels of global food shortages.

From a farming standpoint, research done on the comparison of animal protein to insect protein found that insects are 12-25 times more efficient at converting their food into protein.

This means all the land we are using for animal farming, all of the water sources, feed, & greenhouse gas emissions could be cut down up to 75%.

Crickets, the main source of Orthoptera Protein need six times less feed than cattle, four times less than sheep, and two times less than pigs, according to the FAO.

Insect farming also produces much less waste!

With animals, a lot of the meat is wasted, with insects we would eat the whole thing”, says Alexander, a senior researcher in food security at the University of Edinburgh.

This means that farming insects could provide a huge solution for the climate change crisis, biodiversity loss across the planet, world hunger, and malnutrition.

We could be using that surplus of land to regenerate healthy soil, preserve natural land, farm crops, or build sustainable housing.

The countries that have been utilizing insect protein as a food source are seeing less starvation, less over-farming of animals, less food shortage, less malnutrition, and less illness.

It’s more of a question of when the United States will embrace Orthoptera-based protein rather than if.

The benefits have clearly been seen in many other countries and the USA is next, so consider including Orthoptera Protein as part of your diet for a Cleaner Mind, a Cleaner Body, and more importantly a Cleaner Planet.

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