Whether celebrities and athletes are touting insect protein to be on trend, stay relevant, or make money doesn’t really matter.

As long as they are getting the important message of health and benefits Orthoptera Protein has for the planet!

Many people think eating Orthoptera Protein is something strange or celebrities do because their nutritionist got them interested, or they only tried it because they were featured on a talk show.

In reality, Orthoptera based protein is being consumed worldwide reaching every socioeconomic group imaginable.

Robert Downey Jr, Nicole Kidman, Gordon Ramsey, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie & Sopita Tanasan have all endorsed, invested, or come forth to share they have incorporated an Orthoptera based protein into their diets.

Athletes ranging from weight lifters, endurance athletes, to marathon runners, are looking for one thing:

Quick recovery!

With insects being a lean protein, an incredibly clean source of several vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, they are helping with way more than a quick recovery.

They can provide a competitive edge!

Here’s what celebrities using Orthoptera based protein are saying:

Angelina Jolie says her six children eat crickets, the main source of Orthoptera Protein, like a bag of chips.

Nicole Kidman was on Vanity Fair trying several different kinds of insects. She shared that “2 billion people in the world eat bugs, and I’m one of them”.

Shailene Woodley & Zac Efron also enjoy consuming insects as part of their diet.

Zac Efron’s favorite insect is a cricket and Shailene Woodley thinks insects are the future of food.

Sopita Tanasan claimed the first Olympic gold medal for Thailand

Thai Olympians have risen to the top in weightlifting with 2 gold, a silver, and one bronze medal in Rio.

This puts them among the top in weightlifting medal standings.

Is it any wonder that these athletes come from the land of edible insects!

There are around 200 edible insects in Thailand, a place on the map that has been eating insects for hundreds of thousands of years.

Now, people all over the world are starting to learn why Orthoptera Protein should be eaten as a part of a healthy diet.

Crickets contain all the essential amino acids and are a lean source of protein, it’s the perfect insect for an athlete’s rigorous, physically demanding lifestyle.

The beautiful thing about celebrities sharing their experience with their new delicacy is that the message can reach far and wide to people that eating insects is normal.

Vegans, vegetarians, individuals with autoimmune, illness, nutrient deficiencies, and much more can benefit by it and Orthoptera is not only viewed as a superior protein.

It also has benefits for the planet!

So consider Orthoptera Protein based products for a Cleaner Mind, a Cleaner Body and most importantly a Cleaner Planet.

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